Online shopping phenomena is getting boom in Pakistan. It can be highly lucrative for local shoppers in presence of so many shopping destinations. Also, it can be testified by Ali Baba’s and Amazon entrance in Pakistani market. Ali Baba has acquired Pakistan’s one of the giants, Daraz while Amazon has acquired by acquiring Souq, a Dubai based e-commerce store. Here we are sharing 10 of the biggest online shopping stores in Pakistan that you can visit to find any product.

Undoubtedly, is the top online shopping site in Pakistan. The e-commerce giant offers a great number of products from every category of human daily use.

Special products:

  • Black Mexican jacket for men.
  • Garnier pure active 3 in 1 face wash.
  • Jackets & coats for women
  • Everything under Rs. 999 offers a great value to its customers who shop online. The store offers a complete range of products under Rs. 999.

Daraz is another great shopping platform for all shopping fanatics who want the ultimate range of products. It is the oldest and most known shopping marketplace in Pakistan. Having a product catalog of more than 1 million products, Daraz offers the widest array of products you can ever browse over the internet in Pakistan. Another great thing about Daraz is that it offers a huge range of shopping festivals such as Black Friday and 11 11 (Singles day sale).

HomeShopping is another large shopping destination online for consumers in Pakistan. The web store offers a great range of products from different vendors. The history of HomeShopping has been very lucky since its inception. Soon after Daraz acquired, HomeShopping became the second choice for shoppers who wanted to spend their money online. The e-commerce store offers a full range of products from mens fashion, women fashion, kids fashion, mobiles, computers, accessories and other daily life products. is another among top 5 shopping stores in Pakistan. The site is owned by the largest courier service in Pakistan TCS. It has been the biggest edge for Yayvo as being affiliated with a known brand like TCS. Also, the advantage it has is in form of faster cash on delivery and customers trust on


You are not an online shopper if you do not have heard the name It is among the top shopping stores in Pakistan. The products range on GOTO is fairly broad and customer’s can select almost every kind of products with fastest cash on delivery experience anywhere in Pakistan.