9Apps – The Ultimate Play Store for the Non-Google Account Holders

Nowadays people spend a lot of time with their phones. They love to download different types of applications and experiment with them. Especially it is a good option for a time pass for young people. Different types of applications are available for android and windows phones related to games, education, fitness and health, social networking, online shopping, lifestyle etc. Anyone can choose any application with which he/she is willing to experiment with and can easily download those apps. However, to download these apps for their smartphones, people need access to a play store. For this purpose, the most popular play store is The Google Play store. However, to use Google play store, it is mandatory for the user to have a Google account which is not acceptable for everyone. For this kind of people, 9Apps is ideal. 9Apps is another play store which has a huge number of applications with different functionalities for Android phones. To install this play store, 9Apps APK download is available online for free.

9Apps has no connection with Google play store. Hence people do not need to open a Google account to use 9Apps. They can have their account on Yahoo, Rediff, etc. using which they can install apps from 9Apps which means the users do not need to share their information with Google in exchange to use the apps. This play store has more than 10 million different apps for Android phone users. Hence people can enjoy these exciting apps without agreeing to the terms and conditions of Google. People using 9Apps play store get access to some excellent apps like Vidmate which are not available in the Google Play store because of the copyright or some other issues. The best part is, most of these applications available on 9Apps are free to download and use.

The main features of the 9App play store which makes 9Apps worth using are as follows:

  • The APK file for 9Apps installation is only 3.6 MB. Because of this small size, this APK file takes very less time to be downloaded.
  • 9Apps is extremely easy to install.
  • This play store is free to use.
  • 9Apps helps to download the apps with high speed even the internet connection is poor.
  • The interface of this play store is user-friendly. Hence people do not usually face any issue regarding the utilization of 9Apps.
  • This play store can be accessed with or without a Google account. Because of this, any user can use 9Apps.
  • 9Apps gives access to some apps which are banned in Google play store. These apps have various features which can entertain or help the users.
  • A huge range of different applications is available in 9Apps play store.
  • More than one app can be downloaded using this play store.
  • As the users’ information is not shared with Google, it provides high security for the personal information for each of the users.
  • 9Apps is compatible with the iOS platforms and windows phones.