When you stumble upon a person for the first time hair is the first thing you notice. Is it dark, sturdy or curly? No way denying the fact that hair resembles look of a person. This logic holds a lot of value among women. A shiny and beautiful hair leaves a steady impression. Not only a proper hair care routine is followed but use of a high quality shampoo is important.

Taking good care of your hair leaves it devoid from any damages. Do not fall into the trap of shampoos advertised by stars. Just take care of your hair daily and ketomac shampoo ingredients incorporate natural materials. As part of your hair care routine it is important to visit a hair stylist and have a haircut regularly.

Trimming of hair

People tend to over emphasize this area but on careful analysis it is a myth. Irrespective of the fact whether you trim or cut your hair it is bound to grow by 1.3 mm every month. Genes, diet or hormones are all factors contributing to hair growth

Though the main reason for haircuts is to keep your hair healthy. The main enemy of a healthy hair is split end. Not only it leads to a neglect of your hair but provide an unhealthy look. Over brushing and excess use of hair styling products are the main reasons for split ends. It is ideal to trim your hair once in 4 to 6 weeks and if you are looking to grow your hair it can be within 7 to 10 weeks.

Hair cut is not necessarily depending upon time, but how fast it can grow back. A secret behind a beautiful hair cut is to have one as per your face shape. Regular cutting of hair would also help you to cut down on split ends and ensure proper health of your hair.

Hair treatment

For a proper hair treatment moisturizing and shampooing of hair is important. You can opt for ketomac shampoo which eradicates dandruff. Though this would work wonders if your hair is silky as it can resist breakage.

In comparison to damaged hair, healthy hair would be a lot softer. At an occasional level the hair stylist might provide for Keratin treatment. The better bet would be to consult a reliable hair specialist. Let us now explore some basic tips for hair treatment

Use a top quality shampoo

Do use a shampoo that matches with your hair type. Till the point you are suffering from hair loss it is advisable to use a baby shampoo as they do not contain harsh chemicals. Proper follow hair drying tips.

Gentle handling

Not only regular brushing of hair is important the manner by which you go on to brush it is also important. By extensive and rough hair brushing it can be prone to damage. Try to be gentle and brush your hair only a couple of times during the day. At the same time does not brush wet hair.