Birthdays are always special and getting gifts and cutting cakes are the best part of it. Birthday also means fun celebrations.

If you are close to someone (be it s a friend or a family member) getting them something special on this occasion is something which is mandatory. Even if you are away from them on this happy day, you can always look for gift sites online and get the birthday gifts delivered to the person who is special to you.

Here are some special things which one can send as a birthday gift.

Doodle or Presto Coffee Mugs

Large tea or coffee mugs are an ‘in’ thing these days. A lot of quoted cups are also available but they have become a bit cliché now. So, to make it different or special one can engrave a doodle on the mug. It is even better if one can design the doodle on their own and then ask a shop to engrave it on the mug. Or else, one can also ask a presto shop to engrave some lines or a happy picture on the mug and then send it as a birthday gift to a friend or a cousin. This will give a personal touch to the present.

Books (Fiction or Non Fiction)

If your friend or any of your family members loves to read then the birthday gift for them is always sorted. One can always go for the bestsellers or pick one from their favourite author’s list. If not, then one can pick something from their favourite genres as well and gift it to them. It is even better if you can write a few lines on the first page of the book. This will make it even more special and one will find it more cherishing to receive as a gift.

Photo Collage

This is the best birthday gift one can think of if the person whom you are giving this gift is very close to you. When you are close to them, it is for sure that you will be having plenty of pictures with them. If yes, then pick your favourites from the lot and make a nice collage out of it. This is a perfect personalised gift that one can think for a birthday.


This is another gift which one can think of for birthdays.  If you know the person closely then you should also know that what type of smell they prefer and if you know their pick it becomes very easy for you to select a perfume for them. Or else one can also go for a particular brand which they like and use most often.

Gift Baskets

Arrange a few of their favourite things in the basket and then tie it up with a ribbon. Getting their favourite things all together will make them happy.

One can always send birthday hampers UK to their near and dear ones. Hampers always include a lot of things and one can use them the way they want to use it.