Best boarding schools in Dehradun.

Boarding schools are the places where children are left behind by their parents with a notion that the students will become disciplined and more self-dependent. Many times the major reason for a child to be admitted to a boarding school is that either they are too notorious and need to be adjusted into a disciplined routine or the parents lack sufficient time to spare their children and look after them. But can glitches behind the glamour be ignored? Let’s look into why Boys boarding schools in Dehradun may prove to be a bane than a boon to a child.

A real story of admitting a child to a boarding school

  • Emotional connect: a child while living in the boarding schools forgets the emotional connect that they have with their parents or elders or any family individual for their matter. Living away from all the closed ones leave them deprived of warmth and care and then the personal space they have created for themselves become more dominant than connecting with anyone. It tends to make an individual an introvert.
  • Exploration restriction: though a child does explore himself in various fields they are restricted to explore beyond a limited area. They have bound a physical area which becomes their entire world and keeps them separated from the world beyond that physical boundary that is the real world. Not having a chance to explore the real world leaves the students naïve and who can be easily manipulated.
  • Anxiety: when a child gets used to a lonely environment and of personal space he/she becomes too anxious to attend any gatherings. Also visiting his/her own home may become a reason for the child’s anxiety and if any family problem occurs that can have an adverse effect on the child’s health.

Though disadvantages become dominant the advantages of the same cannot be left without a discussion. As every coin has two sides so does admission in boarding school does.

Advantages of admitting a child to the boarding school

  • The flexibility of making choices: the children living in a boarding school are able to explore themselves at its peak. They discover quite easily and early where their interest lies. They get many options to choose from whether it be in games or extra curriculum. A student quite easily explores his area of interest and working on the same makes him/her a pro at it.
  • The flexibility of thinking: living with people of their own age and mingling with people of their own age makes the children open-thinkers. They do not differentiate between people on grounds of caste or religion. They uprooted society norms do not get to them and they think of everyone as an independent individual.
  • The flexibility of studying: students when in a boarding school develop a tendency to explore books and don’t just rely on tuitions or class notes. Self-study is a way to develop an individual mind and thinking and that area is explored to its maximum level when a student resides in a boarding school.

It completely depends on the perspective of an individual of how they takes admitting their child to best boarding school in Dehradun for boys. Life isn’t a cake walk and a few wisely thought decisions are the necessity of life. It completely depends on a parent of how he wishes to bring up his child and a parent always knows what’s best for his kid.