A Gift Card is the perfect way to gift someone the flexibility and freedom to buy something of their choice at the price you can afford. It is a preloaded card with desired amount of money which can be used at exhaustive list of selected stores. A good definition of a gift card can be put in words as follow,

A pre-paid card (debit card) that allows the customer (cardholder) to use it for the purchase of goods or services. Some gift cards can only be used at select retailers outlets, but some can be used anywhere that accepts credit cards. Some gift cards may also be reloadable, which can be refilled by the cardholder to continue.  Like all the gift cards the iTunes gift card also generally have starting and ending amount called the minimum and maximum loading amount. And in between the card comes in different denominations of choices.

In general, Gift cards are redeemable only at the relevant retail premises and cannot be used after the expiry date. But now selling the gift cards have become a part of business. And many third-party websites and mobile apps are doing the business of selling and exchanging these gift cards for cash and other currencies.

However, finding the best platform to exchange the iTunes gift card for Naira is not as difficult as it seems to be but it’s a tricky job. There are some specific characteristics such a platforms. And before you short-list one of yours, you must consider some of these traits. Such properties includes trustworthiness of the platform, transparency operation and Payment.  

Let’s See the Process of Exchange iTunes Gift Cards in Nigeria:

If you wish to get the Nigerian currency naira in exchanged with the iTunes gift cards, then you need to follow these following steps,

  1. Make a google search with the phrase exchange iTunes gift cards for naira and you will see some website and mobile apps as the result,
  2. For better result compare the plans and offers of the different platforms but foremost thing is check whether the platform is reliable or not,
  3. Reading the reviews of the platform is also a good way to generalize its quality,
  4. Also, chat with their customer service center and try to understand the process of their working and ask your query, if you have any.