Storage unit auctions have become very popular over the last couple of years. The recent recession has also led to many people falling on hard times and not being able to pay their storage bill. Other people looking to start a home-based business have, in turn, discovered storage auctions as a valuable source of things to resell. Perhaps you’ve heard about some success stories involving these hidden treasures, like $10 turned into $3000 by just betting on the right unit. The question is: How can I find storage units Lake Worth and get in on the action?

These auctions mostly take place in the United States. Of the estimated 58,000 self storage facilities worldwide, 50,000 of them are in the USA. It has become the norm to have a private storage space as a modern American family. Every month, as many as a hundred thousand storage units go to auction.

Self storage facilities are found everywhere, mostly in industrial areas, business parks, and rural areas. Less frequently, they are found in residential areas and downtown in major cities. You can check for local self storage facilities in the Yellow Pages. Contact these places individually to inquire about upcoming auctions. This way, you can find those less advertised that other bidders might not be aware of. Also check your local newspaper weekly for classified ads under the self storage and auctions section, or look at the public notices for a “lien sale”.

By gathering information about these auctions, you will have less trouble deciding which ones you would like to attend. You will also have more time to do research about the different storage facilities to estimate the kind of things you will find in these units. By gathering this information you will also be able to schedule the auctions according your calendar.

Some storage businesses only have auctions once or twice a year; request to be on the mailing or contact list for when they do decide to have an auction. Some of these businesses also have a website that you can visit to find out when the next auction is held.

Most storage auctions are conducted by independent auctioneers that service many storage businesses. Typically, an auctioneer will dedicate a morning or an entire day to conducting auctions at a series of storage facilities in one city. The auction will begin at a specified time at the first facility, and then auctioneer and bidders will travel on to each of the other facilities to continue the “roving auction”.

Many of these independent auctioneers publish their schedules on their web site or at an auction listing site like In some areas where many storage auctions are conducted, specialized newsletters are available on a subscription basis. These newsletters can offer a very comprehensive list of the upcoming auctions. But you should still call each facility the day before the auction, to be sure that it is being held. When the auction schedule is published weeks or months in advance, some times the delinquent storage customer will pay the bill, and the auction will be cancelled.

Just like any other great deal, you have to keep your eyes open for any possible information on storage unit auctions. There might be one happening right now, in your area. So hurry up, gather information, and be prepared to find a treasure near you.