road trip insurance

Road trips are a means to give a break to the daily routine of life. But, along with your partners for the journey, you need to consider financial security for your trip for the unfortunate incidents that might occur during the trip. Purchasing a Road Trip Cover should be one of the essential parts while planning for your road trip.

After all, no one ever wishes for any tragedies during the must-needed break. If you have motor insurance for the vehicle you take for the road trip, make sure to check the coverage provided by the policy and compare it with the one provided with a road trip travel insurance.

Need for Road Trip Travel Policy

  • Whether you are planning for a trip across the continent or you have made a weekend planning of a mini road trip, your travel insurance must be on your priority lists. Following are a few points showing the importance of insurance for road trip:
  • If you are traveling with a bunch of people and you would switch the driver’s seat with anyone in the vehicle, that person must be insured. By doing so, you can cover the expenses incurred due to any mishappenings while the insured is driving.
  • If you choose to rent a car or other vehicle for the road trip, you might be responsible for the damages that occur to the vehicle. You can cover such expenses with road trip insurance.
  • Many trip insurance plans might not cover the expenses that are incurred outside the defined boundaries. You got to check with your insurer for the same and choose your plan wisely. If your plan includes expenses caused in other states or countries, a road trip cover can save you lots of money.

Features and Benefits of Road Trip Travel Insurance

Prominent financial providers like Bajaj Finserv offers a range of pocket insurance policies that specially aims at fulfilling the unique requirements of the customers economically. Following are the features and benefits of the policy:

24/7 roadside assistance

You can avail roadside assistance across 500+ cities of India with a road trip insurance plan.

Immediate Finances

If you are stranded in between your trip without any cash or cards, you can get instant money up to Rs 50,000 in India and up to Rs 1,00,000 abroad to cover your travel costs and stay charges.

Card Loss

In case you lose any of your payment cards during your trip, you can immediately contact your insurance company and block the cards to avoid any misuse.

Comprehensive Coverage

This road trip travel insurance provides comprehensive coverage for accidental hospitalization, personal accidents, bounced hotel bookings, trip cancellation, baggage loss, and home burglary for up to Rs 3,00,000.


Bajaj Finserv offers a Travel Safe Membership which is a one-year membership with just Rs 599 per member.

What does a Membership Cover?

  • Blocks all credit and debit cards to eliminate their misuse.
  • If you have traveled abroad, the losses incurred are covered with financial assistance up to Rs. 1,00,000 for paying the hotel bills and travel costs incurred until you reach India.
  • For the losses incurred within India, you can get financial assistance of up to Rs. 50,000.
  • You can avail 24/7 on-road assistance in case your vehicle gets a breakdown.
  • You can also get breakdown support over your phone by contacting the insurance company.
  • The road trip cover also provides towing assistance.
  • Also, in case your vehicle is out of fuel, this cover offers 5 liters of fuel for a car and 2 liters of fuel for a two-wheeler.
  • You can avail the complimentary add-on personal accident insurance cover up to Rs 3,00,000.

What is not covered under the Plan?

If you lose your valuables as a result of any intoxications, no coverage will be provided.

If your vehicle is damaged due to traffic rule violations, no coverage will be provided.