church signs

The 21st century is certainly all about posting information on social media since it really is useful in reaching out to many people across the globe, or even within just your local area. With this, you may be wondering if church banners and signs are still of use for your church, however, to truly create awareness that your church is existing then you need multiple methods to connect with your community—with this, you can say that indeed church signs is still a need.

Church signs or banners provide essential means of communication to the external society of the church’s group. Thus, in order for you to reach out to many people within your church’s vicinity, you need to decide on which type of church signs is the most suitable for your church. So, here are the different types of signages for church signs.

Outdoor LED Signs

With technology ruling over this era, it is not surprising that even the church’s signs have been innovated into something technological. The outdoor LED signs or digital LED displays are one of the newest innovations of outdoor signs which offer lots of benefits.

This type of sign presents your church’s name and information in a full-color bright screen display, increasing its visibility instantly. Also, you get the unique advantage of having multiple signs in one, like putting up the service times or making good use of Bible verses for this day.

When it comes to the total maintenance cost, the outdoor LED signs totally win this part since the biggest benefit of switching from traditional church signs to the LED displayed ones is its maintenance cost, which surely takes up a church’s budget, right? while there is an initial investment for this, the residual cost for supplying power of your sign and maintaining its condition outweighs the costs of traditional signages, since typically traditional ones tend to need a huge amount of money for maintenance only.

LightBox Signs

Focusing on graphic appeal and boosting awareness? Then the lightbox signs might be the perfect solution! Mostly made out from graffiti-resistant polycarbonate and is finished with a durable powder coating, the lightbox signs will surely be able to provide the maximum identification area of any model.

This type of illuminated signs is highly versatile and can swing open the clear front panel to update your graphics without having the hassle to replace the entire sign every time. The lightbox signs were pioneered by movie theaters that are always in need to switch out film posters every now and then to capture the attention of every passerby. But today, many businesses are benefitting from this affordable and attractive signage! So why not also use it for the sake of reaching out to other people within your local area, right?

Monument Signs

Looking for a more classical sign? Then you should probably check the monument signs! If your church is more on the traditional architecture, then surely monument signs will complement your church’s exterior and would add to your church’s aesthetic appearance that might make those whoever visits your church feel pleased because the church they’re going to is well-taken care of.

Because the appeal of monument signs extends beyond commercial applications, with apartment developments, subdivisions, gated communities, and condominium complexes, using this type of signage frequently due to its economic and aesthetic effectivity. It also improves the value of the property wherein they stand and also provides initial touchpoint with any client-facing company.

Since it’s a church, surely these types of benefits are currently not your main concern, but with monument signs, the church’s name visibility will be improved, not to mention that monument signs are weather-resistant. Additionally, due to the innovation of today’s world, monument signs are now being offered as a communication tool through the LED display or optional changeable letter tracking.


Your church is an important establishment to gather people who need divine guidance from above, thus it is essential for you to decide thoroughly on which type of sign is good for your church to use. Lastly, it is recommended to ask for a professional’s help in making your church signs so that you’ll get the best quality to use for the sake of your church, its members, and all those who’ll visit it.