Android TV is a TV operating system (OS) that is developed for a smart entertainment platform. Basically, it makes your needs for entertainment fulfilled. Above all, you can navigate your favorite TV shows on TV with a remote rather than your fingers.

Smart TV with Android app has content focused channels. There are subcategories like sports, lifestyle, cooking or automotive shows for watching. So, everyone has something to pick from hundreds of channels. Thus, Android TV has games and utilities too. Therefore, smart TVs that run on Android OS like Samsung Tizen, Roku, LG web OS are popular ones that you can buy.

Smart TV has an internet connection and it comes equipped with an Ethernet port and a built-in Wi-Fi. Fast Wi-Fi is essential in the home for smart TV. It streams television shows and movies from all the available apps like Netflix, Hulu, TED, Starz or Youtube. There is a web browser attached to the smart TV.

What is a smart TV?

A smart LED TV with Android OS has access to the Google play store. It helps to download android apps that are compatible with your TV. An android app makes TV smarter by adding essential apps and enjoyable games. There are about 600 channels on Android TV app on the play store.

Features of a smart TV

  • You can operate the smart TV with remote control, an app on the mobile phone or any game controlling device.
  • It can work on voice search also, using an Android TV remote. Hence, it saves time when the search topic is simply spoken and not required to be typed. Again, sometimes, you can even ask questions about a TV program or movie in that very moment. You can also take the help of universal search for choosing your favourite content with pricing on the TV.
  • The speakers are 10 watts each. The sound quality is better with SRS Dolby digital.
  • LED TV has an HD display with 1366 X 786 pixels.
  • There is a memory for the viewed shows which further recommends similar content programs to you. With this, you can watch curated content.
  • Built-in chrome cast is a good feature of the Android TV. This is useful to stream the content to a TV from any of your devices. It works on the Google cast icon.
  • Lastly, games can be downloaded and played on Android TV.

Brands available in the market

There are television brands like Philips, Sony, Sharp and many others which manufacture Android TV. The models also range from regular HD models to 4K models. Moreover, these are the premium Android TV which has your favorite content to watch. The best thing is that you can start watching from the place you left.

Deciding on your budget, get the best model with features of your choice and binge on the TV series on the internet. Enjoy watching stunning shows and movies with their high resolution streaming. They have the finest audio system for surround sound effects. It will make your experience of TV viewing great.