Maharajas’ Express is quite upfront about the expensive factor. None of the elements of the train is provided cheap. It is one of the five top luxury trains of the country and the most luxurious one in the world. The train has a knack to create a feel of blue blood by providing a vacation that balances between beauty and comfort. Not everyone can spend thousands of dollars per day. Even if you do so, it is better to know that there is a budget option so that you would not burn a larger hole in your wallet. How to keep your luxury train travel within budget?

Get offers

The Maharaja Express train official website provides numerous offers and discount from time to time. Do not fall for gimmick offers in some cheap sites. If you are planning to use the offers, choose reputed tour agents or the official site of the train itself. Sometimes, there could be even 50% off in the ticket cost. It is a grand savings from your side. If you find a site that provides better offers or cheaper tickets than the official site, there is a higher chance that it is a fake site. Do not buy tickets from other individuals. Tickets under one name cannot be used by another.

Avoid peak days

Christmas and New Year’s Day have higher price tag than other days. The train runs from September to April. The months of September and April are called as the lean season and the cost of the ticket is quite lower in the lean season than the peak season. Choose to stick with the lean season for better offers and lower price tag.

Know the inclusion and exclusion

Not all the business car facilities are available free. It is better to avoid things that are excluded in your tariff to avoid a larger price tag. This includes taking video camera into monuments, choosing international brand of liquors, buying things at the souvenir shop, spa sessions and so on. The free amenities go for a long list in Maharajas’ Express and thus, you can keep yourself occupied with these facilities, with ease.


It is not a rocket science to know that the Presidential Suite would cost more than a Deluxe Cabin. The deluxe cabin does not mean that you are forgoing luxury. The least luxurious accommodation also has a blue-blood styled décor and hospitality. There are four levels of accommodations and you can choose the one that suites your budget.

If you were choosing a week long itinerary, you would be spending quite a lot of money than shorter itineraries like Gems of India and Treasures of India. Not all luxury train India brands give so many offers to keep your spending controlled.