storage unit

When looking for safeguarding your things and preserving them, having the right kind of storage unit is very important. Your home might have ample place but storage unit a great aid. Though there is a variety of Storage units Pittsburgh but you need to choose the one which has all the basic qualities. Given below is the list of qualities or must things which a storage unit should really have.

Best kind of customer service

When you are contacting the facility by email, phone, or in person, you want to be greeted by a friendly, helpful customer service representative who can in detail answer all your queries and gives you the information you actually want. If you’re not getting straight answers on price or anything else, look elsewhere, you would not appreciate that.

Great customer service will be very important as much as you want a good storage unit. You never know when you will actually be required to come in contact with the office for inquiries or issues. You want to be sure that all your issues are resolved quickly if they come up in the future.

A neat and tidy place

The state of the office, the hallways, and even the bathrooms can give you a lot of details regarding the self-storage facility. You want to leave your belongings in a space that is very well taken care of and has good maintenance.

The office should be dusted, the floors should be cleaned, the garbage cans shouldn’t be overflowing, and the bathrooms should be spotless so that you feel you are in a hygienic surrounding. A clean facility is an indicator that the management team will care for your belongings in the same way as they take off the other aspects of the present unit.

No Pests

You actually need to be very careful that when you have a look or during your inspection phase of different storage facilities that there is no kind of pest present there. 

Look out and see that no flies, moths, or rats are present. Also, ask the manager how they control pests. It is very important for the storage facilities to have pest control programs in place to avoid infestations.

Critters can cause havoc which can further lead to the destruction of your belongings if they get into your storage unit. Moths can result in the spoiling of textiles and rugs, rats and mice can chew up wooden furniture, and roaches can get into your boxes. So taking all the safety measures is a must.

Security thing

When you store your possessions at a storage facility, you expect them to be safe such as nobody can harm them. To avoid your belongings from being stolen, make sure the facility you choose has tight security. There should be an access gate, good lighting, and a security camera for the purpose. Ask them about the guards and how do they monitor the security. After all, you are paying.

Thus these are the things to look for in a storage facility.