Ct Scans

CT Scan is a kind of process or test with the help of which doctors examine and study the body parts of a person using the images obtained by the test. This helps in detecting a number of diseases and health issues which can be life threatening also. CT Scan is computed tomography, where the radiologists take the X-Rays of your affected body part and obtain the images using a computer. CT Scan is not just used for any one body part but there are different body parts for which it is used. Below you can read in detail about the CT Scan and other facts related to it.

Before the CT Scan

Here, we are going to share with you about a few things which you can expect before your CT Scan. You can also ask about all these details from your doctor or your doctor may inform about these before the test. For CT Scan test you can visit CT Scan Centres in Bangalore. As they have the best doctors and radiologists who will guide you completely about the test. Now, let’s have some information on things to expect before undergoing a CT Scan test.

•    Drink & Food – Do not consume any solid food item or eatables at least 2 hours before the test. Generally, doctors recommend this when they have to take CT Scan Test of pelvis or Abdomen. It is recommended to have as much water as you can. You can also have clear soups, tea, coffee, broth, juice, etc. Do ask your doctor once before you go for this.

•    Medications – If the doctor has asked you to take any kind of medications, do follow them. And if you are already taking any medicines for any other health problem, then consult with your doctor. It is important to let your doctor know whether you should intake the medicine on the test day or not if they have to be taken before the test. There are certain medications with which you can continue. But not all medicines are safe to take before the test. So, share it with your doctor.

•    Any medical conditions – If you are going through any medical issue or any health problem, you must share that with your doctor. Be it blood pressure, diabetes, heart problem, or any chronic disease. Pregnant women or the women who are breastfeeding should also let the doctor know this. If you have any medical instrument implanted in your body, do share that as well. If your doctors will know about all this in advance before the test, they will be able to take the necessary precautions during the test.

•    Time to arrive – The time to arrive for the CT Scan depends on which body part CT Scan you have to go through. As the doctor needs to give you the barium solution to intake or maybe doctor will inject it himself. So, in both the conditions, the doctor will need some time before the test. As the barium solution needs time to spread in your body parts, and after that only the CT Scan test can be done. The doctor may call you 2 or 3 hours before the test in some cases. And in some cases, you may require reaching there only 30 to 40 minutes before. So, check with your doctor when you need to arrive at the hospital for the test.

•    What you should wear – One should not wear anything that is uncomfortable. So, make sure you wear comfortable clothing. However, you will be asked to wear the hospital gown once you will go for the test. But do not wear any kind of jewelry or watch or any such metallic thing. As it may cause a problem during your test. Also, your doctor or the technician may ask you to remove all metal items before the test.

During the CT Scan

As the doctor will give you the barium solution for preparing you for the test. In case, if you are allergic to the barium contrast or any such chemical used in the test. The doctor may also give you some medications before the start of the test. After that, you will be taken to the CT Scan room. The technician or the doctor will ask you to lie down on the table for the test. They will help you if you will face any trouble during the test. As one may face anxiety or other such issues during the test. During the test, you will have to lie down still on the table and the CT Scan machine will move above you for scanning your body parts. The time duration of the test depends on the body parts for which the scanning is going on. Also, if there are multiple body part scans, then also it will take time in the CT Scan test. So, keep patience during the test and if you feel any problem tell your doctor. The CT Scan centre in Bangalore have the best facilities for the scan, so consider visiting there only for the test.

After the CT Scan

Once the CT Scan Test is done, your doctor may ask you to wait for some time. As the radiologist will need to see if the test is done is fine or not. You can go home after the test. DO not worry that the contrast will remain in your body, as it will flush out within 24 hours after the test. Do ask the doctor that by what time you will get the report. In some places, the report is made available in a few hours only. Depending on the report only, the doctor will be able to tell you whether you will need to undergo any medical treatment or not.

If any medical issue will be detected, the doctor may give you some medications or may suggest you few more tests. In some cases, if any problem is detected, the doctor may also ask you to get the CT Scan test done again.