home remedies

The gastric glands might secrete more acid in the stomach leading to acidity. This could lead to heartburn along with a host of other pregnancy complications. A heavy or spicy meal or gap between two meals can have an impact on a pregnancy digestive system. To some degree digestion medicine during pregnancy might provide you with relief, but some home remedies would of immense help.

Fennel seeds

To keep your digestive system on track fennel seeds offer multiple benefits. On consumption of these seeds you keep acidity issues at bay. After a meal you can choose a couple of fennel seeds or boil some water and put a couple of fennel seeds in it. This would relieve symptoms of acidity to a considerable extent.

Holy Basil

An effective herb in dealing with acid influx. The reason being holy basil has soothing and carminative properties that help to deal with stomach acid. In a cup of water boil some basil leaves and leave it on for 15 minutes. To get rid of acid influx consumes this water a couple of times during the day. After meals you can chew holy basil leaves as well.

Butter milk

In the northern part of the country it is a popular drink. A yummy like taste helps to get rid of acid influx symptoms. For effective results you can add cumin or black pepper powder in butter milk.


The fragrance of cinnamon seeds helps to combat acid issues. It helps in the absorption of vital nutrients and also helps in digestion. To keep acid issues at bay you can incorporate cinnamon tea as part of your diet.


Finishing your dinner with a tinge of jaggery is a traditional norm in most Indian households. But very few of us are aware that there is a scientific reason behind this. Being empowered with magnesium it helps digestive system by making it more alkaline.

Cumin seeds

For your digestive system cumin seeds are beneficial. Not only they aid digestion and help you to combat stomach pain for neutralizing stomach acid they are of importance. Putting a few cumin seeds into a glass of water and consume it after every meal. This would neutralize the acidity symptoms of your stomach.

To sum it up, Breastfeeding along with pregnancy is one of the most important phases in the life of a woman. It is not only about general health but overall wellbeing of a person comes into picture.  Most of the home remedies are safe, but not all of them work to your benefit. It is suggested that you discuss with your doctor on what are the home remedies you need to avoid.

Not forgetting to mention that babies too can become victims of acid influx. Till a baby reaches 6 months of age it is not recommended to give anything to a baby. Some tips would include holding the baby upright after feeding and removing some items that are part of a mother’s diet.