Orthopaedics Doctor

All our body parts are important, and that is why while seeking any medical assistance, we must choose the best doctor. Especially, when it is about the surgeries related to knees, joints or spine.

Because, the surgeries related to anybody part especially the Orthopedic surgeries, can leave us in the complicated situation if not done properly. So, it is our right to consult with the best orthopaedics doctor for a total joint replacement.

For finding the right orthopedic doctor, you will need to take some necessary steps. There are many best orthopaedic doctors in Delhi. But to ensure that how many of them have a past record of successful joint replacement is definitely a task.

Below we are sharing some tips, with the help of which one can find the right and best surgeon for joint replacement surgery.

Ask your friends and relatives for any referrals

If any of your relatives or friends have got the total joint replacement surgery done, you can ask them. Or if they know any well-known and successful orthopaedic surgeon, whom they can refer.

Ask your doctors or physicians

Generally, all the doctors and physicians have the references of doctors from the different medical branch. So, in that case, asking your physician and doctor will be a really good idea. As they may be able to recommend you 3 or 4 orthopaedic surgeons.

Check with nearby hospitals

In most of the big and reputed hospitals, there is a department for orthopaedic surgery or consultation. So, connect with the hospitals or visit there, and then you can directly meet the orthopaedic surgeon yourself too.

Search online

These days there are many applications and sites which provide information about the doctors and the surgeons as per the requirement. So, you can look for the well-certified orthopaedic surgeon.

On these sites, you can also check the reviews the patients have left about these doctors and surgeons. On many sites, the rating is also provided to surgeons.

Ask your Insurance Provider

If you have the insurance, then after making the list of the best orthopaedics specialist, check with the insurance provider. It is important to know whether the orthopaedic doctors in your list come within your insurance or not.

As you know now, that which orthopaedic surgeon is covered under your insurance plan. You need to verify a few details about the surgeon, which are listed below.

Skills of the Orthopedic Surgeon

Check the surgeon’s education, whether he is a certified orthopaedic surgeon or not, credentials, etc. You can check all this information through the website or with the help of clinic or hospital staff.

Do check, that how many years of experience he/she has? How many joint replacement surgeries he has performed earlier? If you are able to get the contact of few people who have got their surgery done from that surgeon, ask them too.

One-on-One Communication with the Surgeon

Meet the surgeon and discuss your medical conditions and complications. Ask, your doubts regarding the joint replacement surgery. Ask them what they can plan regarding the surgery? Also, ask them about medical technologies if they will use any of the latest treatment procedures? Cost is also important, so do not forget to ask that.

A good surgeon’s signs are, that he will listen to your doubts and medical conditions carefully. And will patiently answer all your queries to make you feel confident enough to get the surgery done.

Easily Reachable or not?

Do check if, the surgeon’s clinic is near your workplace or home or not. Will you be able to get early dates for the surgery or not? For how long the doctor is available in the clinic? How many days in the week the surgeon is available for consultation? So, keep all these questions in mind while selecting an orthopaedic surgeon.