how to make a business card for free

Many companies are worry about the expenses involved in designing their  business card, because the designers charge high amount for that. No need to worry any more, I can teach you how to make a business card for free, while sitting at the comfort zone of your home. So no more budget issues and waiting for days for your business card to be designed by someone else you can do it by yourself.


Before going on how to make a business card for free, let us list the main important tools which will help you to create an impressive business card: 

  1. Online business card maker.
  2. Microsoft Word or page.
  3. Online design software.
  4. Diy printing and cutting.


There are many websites that help provide free templates for you in which you can use to create or design  your business card.

We can take a lot at few of those websites; 

  • Canva – canva is an Australian global multinational graphic design platform which provides you thousands of free templates which you can select based on your choice. Canva is  a free to use online graphic design tool platform where you can use it to create your social media post, business card and many more. Canva makes it easy to create professional  designs and you can share it and print it too.
  • Vistaprint  – this is an Indian company that partners with professional businesses and small ones too. You  can also download a free template from them for you to make an impression on your business card.
  • Adobe spark – this website also contains tools that can help you on how to make a business card for free. You can use it to make an impression on your business cards. 

It’s just easy to do, simply choose templates of your choice add your information, select colors and fonts then download the cards and you can make further editing and many more just to make it more professional and put a great impression on your cards


Microsoft Word of page helps you a lot in creating your business card. It’s  simple if you use word processing software especially for the mac users, you can create a basic business card by setting up a document with the card’s dimensions and adding your information. You can also customize the layout, fonts, color of your choice, you make an impressive business card. In Microsoft you have all the available tools which you can use to make a magnificent design for your cards, there are many different ways you create your own template or you can use something already  made then only need to edit it.


You can make the use of graphics editing softwares in this case in order to make cards more professional, there are few design software which you can used;

  • GIMP EDITOR – This is a free and open source raster graphic editor used for image manipulation and image editing, free form drawing and many more. You can use GIMP tools to make a professional business card, print it and then cut it for yourself.
  • INKSCAPE – This is also a free and open source vector graphic editor for GUN/linuk also macOs. It is used for both artistic and technical illustrations of cartoons, clip arts, logos, typography and more,you can edit  and make logos.
  • ADOBE PHOTOSHOP – this program provides more advanced features for designing a business card from scratch.

Adobe contains many tools that you can use  to make an impression on your business card. Adobe  can assist you on logo designing, creating new documents using the adobe illustrator.

You can make professional business cards with great inspiration using the template of your choice.

In editing you can remix it to make your own, you can create your brand image, resize your card, change fonts and also save and share the card you make.

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 This could be the last step on how to make a business card for free. From here. Then you can print it out from your own home if you have a printer and a business card paper or a regular cardstock, after printing you can cut it by using scissors.


 If you are with the right tools you can print your own business card at home with the following steps;

  1. Check your printer setting – first you have select the best quality of the paper you want to used to print out your cards using matte or glossy, then if you want to print double then make sure you set it for double.
  2. Print a test page first – As you are printing many cards and it requires a lot of inks, so you first need to print a test  page first if it is good then you can continue.
  3. Print your cards in a few pages – when printing you have to print in small amount, do not jam your printer by trying to print large amounts at onces.
  4. Let the ink dry – give time for your cards to dry especially if you used inkjet, do not rush until you ruin your hard work 
  5. Separate carefully – After the card has dried then gently fold the perforated lines to loosen the bonds of the cards then pull them apart, do not try to tear too quickly or else you will rips some edges. So for you to keep your entire hard work safe you  have to make sure that you don’t tear anything. After all, use the correct way to cut your cards.


After knowing how to make a business card for free, still you might ask what format should i use for my card? What should be the size too? Which format is best for my company?

To answer these questions we have to put several tips to help you design impactful and professional business cards. Basically, in this case we will discuss two aspects, the format of the business card and the size of the cards.


Today, many unusual formats exist: round, large format, folded, double card etc.. but basically the most used is two: rectangular and square format.

Nowadays, people use two formats; rectangular format which is basically 55 x 88mm, also most 90% of the companies used this format, because it can be easily put into a wallet, and it is also convenient to carry.  

The square format is about 65x65mm which is mostly used, but it can also be restricted based on the graphic layout and content.


In this case you can opt for your choice, but make sure that the legibility is good. It should be understandable, and there should be consistency on any format you opted for. All relevant details must be visible and well-organized. 


There are many ways on how you can make a business card for free, you only need the tools which can help you to make professional and impressive business cards, you get these tools from the above website  that we discussed.

Remember as there are many ways on how you can make a business card for free, likewise there might be limitations too, such as the design options, paper quality, attractive templates, and many more. So in some aspects you can go for paid service or you can buy some ready-made templates for that, you will only edit your information perfectly and you will get a professional business card.

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