These days the rate of infertility is increasing continuously; hence, the chance of getting a child through natural pregnancy is decreasing. Thus the importance of surrogacy can be easily understood. The surrogacy is a process in which women give birth to the child for the other parents. This process is classified into two groups called as traditional and Gestational Surrogacy.

It can be a complicated & confusion family- building process, and it can be difficult to decide at first that it is right for you or not especially if you’ve deep experience with the surrogacy & aren’t quite sure what its advantages & disadvantages of the surrogacy are.

Your aims & preferences can determine the pros & cons of surrogacy. The surrogacy process can be right for one and can’t be for others. Thus it is advisable to do proper research before you decide to go for this process. The surrogacy is practiced in any country if you are looking for surrogacy than must go for the best surrogacy centers. Choosing the best surrogacy centres in Kenya is always beneficial for you because the best center provides you proper care.

Advantage For Surrogacy For Intended Parents

Benefits of surrogacy for the intended parents tend to be visible. The surrogacy process provides a biological child to the intended parent’s life. If anyone facing emotional and medicinal challenging infertility treatments, or a member of an LGBT couple, can’t imagine a genetically related child. For these kinds of intended parents, surrogacy is nothing less than a bone because surrogacy center provides you a genetically similar child to you.

The surrogacy possess several more advantage here are some of the significant benefits of surrogacy

  • It allows the intended parents (infertile, member of the LGBT community) to have a child when they are a lot all their hopes of having a child
  • It allows the intended parents to raise the child from the birth
  • The intended parents can be involved in their child development & their surrogate’s pregnancy including essential moments like embryo transfer & baby’s birth
  • The surrogacy allows the intended parents to create a special bond in between the surrogate & their surrogate’s family

The Selection of the surrogate is always tricky for the intended parents

Only selection of the best doctors and center is not the solution you have to find the proper surrogate who can carry the pregnancy till the end. Sometimes intended have to take surrogates with their own who can be a close friend or relative. Several surrogate agencies are willing to provide you best surrogates.

If you choose surrogate from your side than here are some criteria which will help you to choose the best surrogate for you:

  • The age of the surrogate should be in between 21-40 years
  • Should be mentally, psychologically and physically healthy
  • Should have given birth to the at-least-one child.

We hope that this post will help you to understand the importance and advantages of surrogacy.