Pregnant Belly

The most frequented question with the first time mothers would be when I will start showing a pregnant belly. Each and every woman is different and in case of some it could start showing as early as 12 weeks. This is more so with the first time mothers. In case of others it could go on to show even earlier especially for the first time mothers who might have had their abdominal muscles and the uterus being stretched. In case of others pregnancy start showing earlier.

The uterus evolves through various stages. Towards the early part of pregnancy it resembles shape of a pear. In due course of 12 weeks it becomes rounded till it is about size of a grapefruit. This time a baby hump begins to form. Around 16 weeks the uterus would stretch to accommodate needs of a developing baby. Since the baby hump begins to show a lot of decisions in the form of maternity clothes come into prominence. For a woman who is pregnant for the first time it may not even show till 20 weeks. The top portion of uterus is in line with the belly button of your uterus. There are several other factors which might influence your decision to become pregnant.

  • As compared to younger mothers, older moms will show earlier. The reason being younger women are known to have tight abdominal muscles
  • The size of the body has a role. In comparison to skinny women heavier women are not going to reveal that early. Taller women will show much later.
  • Pelvis depth- More happens to be pelvis depth later it is going to show. If it shows later than expected then you are having a retroverted uterus. Rather than the back uterus tilts towards the front. It has no bearing on the way baby grows
  • Baby size- if you carry a small baby it is going to show much later in comparison to a heavy baby. The amniotic fluid which you are carrying around the baby does make a difference as well.
  • Carrying multiples- In case if you are carrying more than one baby it will show earlier

Sometimes you might be really concerned about the bump size, so it is better to consult your doctor for any clarifications. They are going to suggest an ultrasound to make sure that the baby arrives on the due date.

Till now we have discussed the anticipated changes that take place in your belly button, but there are some apparent symptoms of pregnancy. These are one that you cannot ignore. For example nausea along with morning sickness is an integral part of pregnancy. It is a symptom that you cannot ignore nor avoid, and more severed during the first trimester of pregnancy. Towards the second and third trimester of pregnancy it fades on its own. Secondly once you touch 9 weeks you will find that the clothes are becoming tighter with the waist becoming thicker. Around 12 weeks the breasts increase its size.